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logo wolkrea by Gina Versavel in Vlamertinge, West-Vlaanderen

How it all began..

Let's go back in time together for a moment. The primary school, then only girls, was run by nuns & one of the classes was needlework. Each student was given a ball of wool and a crochet hook. With this we learned to crochet a potholder and later how to knit a bear, first with 2 knitting needles then with 4. I really loved these lessons! And so, that's how I started and never stopped. It's even secretly actually really addictive... Ohmeanwhile, 50 years later, I would really like to share my hobby with you.


You can contact me for creative workshops,wool & yarn, but also for many crochet & knitwear.


Would you like to take part in a workshop or have a personalised piece made? That is certainly possible! Contact us via the button below.


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Our Workshops

Some creations

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